LED Lighting Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-D Series

Multi-angle Lights (Ring/Square) Combines the principals of ring, dome and low angle light sources into one

Uniform illumination equivalent to dome lighting

When the LWD is far

LWD: 150 mm

When the light to target distance is far the multi angled, diffused light is applied across the whole of the target. This creates a uniform illumination effect without irregularities similar to using a dome light source.

Edge enhancement illumination equivalent to low angle lighting

When the LWD is close

LWD: 10 mm

When the light to target distance is short the light emitted at a shallow alignment reflects directly back to the camera. This causes the edges of the target to be highlighted, creating an effect similar to using a low angle light source.

High-intensity mounting of power LEDs

Since LEDs are mounted at high intensity (narrow pitch), uniform high intensity light is generated.

Matte-finished diffusion plate

To obtain maximum diffusion effect, the whole area of the diffusion plate has a matte finish.


Inside of a plastic cap

With standard lighting

LED reflection/imprint is seen by camera.

With multi-angle light (Ring)

Multi-angle, diffused light is radiated around the inner surface to give uniform illumination.

BGA/solder ball inspection

With standard lighting

Due to the differences in solder ball shape and size their appearance is inconsistent.

With multi-angle light (Square)

The multi-angle, diffused light results in consistent illumination of all the solder balls and an overall brighter image.