(for Machine Vision)
Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-L Series

Ultra High-Resolution, Low-Distortion Lens Supporting 4/3" ImagesOur flagship lens supporting 21 megapixel, 4/3", ultra high-pixel cameras

High-resolution design

Even though these lenses support full-size C-mounts, they guarantee a resolution of 160 cycles/mm at the centre of the lens, which enables the capturing of images with higher contrast. These lenses bring out the full capabilities of 4/3", 21 megapixel cameras.

21 megapixel camera image


A clear image with minimal distortion right up to the edge of the image is obtained.

CA-LHW (lens supporting 1" images)

At the edge of the image, both the contrast and distortion are reduced.

4/3" image dedicated design

Even though these lenses support 4/3" images, they attain a TV distortion of 0.02% (CA-LHE16). What’s more, even though they have a minimum WD of 0.1 m (CA-LHE12 and CA-LHE16), they reduce aberrations over a wide range all the way to nearly infinite far shooting.

CA-LHE16 lens arrangement diagram

Aspherical lens