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VHX-6000 series - Digital Microscope

Next-generation optical microscope with a large depth-of-field and advanced measurement capabilities for inspection and failure analysis.

IM-7000 series - Image Dimension Measuring System

An instant solution to conventional quality inspection problems. Perform high-precision measurements, automatically record data, and generate reports with the push of a button.

LR-Z series - Self-contained CMOS Laser Sensor

Detection is often difficult with reflective sensors for a variety of reasons, including target colour, material, surface finish, and environment. In order to solve these issues, the stability of a CMOS laser has been combined with the versatility of a self-contained sensor in a heavy duty metal body to create a more stable and user friendly general purpose sensor.

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December 27, 2017
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  • Preventing the Release of Defective Products
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    New Vision System Applications Made Possible by Tool Adjustment Navigation
December 18, 2017
  • Why Non-Contact Measurement System?
  • Lighting Techniques for Microscope
  • All-Purpose Laser Sensor
  • Measure with Accuracy
  • Expert Vision Systems Techniques
  • Full Guide on Barcode Reader
  • Safety Measures for Laser Marker
December 11, 2017
  • Barcode/Two-dimensional Code Verification Guide Book
  • What Is This Completely Innovative Dimension Measurement System?
  • What to Look For In Optical Micrometers
  • Making Static Electricity Visible at All Times
  • A Textbook for Learning What Traceability Is
  • Fast and Accurate Contaminant and Particle Counting in Cleanliness Inspections
  • Detect ANY Change in Appearance!
  • Machine Vision: Engineer Know-how Vol. 1

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