Rugged Industrial Handheld Code Reader

HR-X series

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Rugged Industrial Handheld Code Reader HR-X series

New Ultra-Durable and High Performance
Handheld Reader Improves Operations

Improve on-site efficiency and reduce costs at the same time with the combined reading performance of a fixed-mount code reader and the durability of a handheld computer in a single device.

  • AI-enhanced decoder for faster, more reliable reading
  • Rugged IP67 reader and wireless charging cradle for a longer service life with improved safety

HR-X series - Rugged Industrial Handheld Code Reader

KEYENCE’s HR-X Series of rugged industrial handheld code readers offers ultra-durability and high performance even in harsh work environments thanks to an IP65/67G enclosure rating, and impressive reading performance for improved efficiency. The durable design eliminates the most common causes of failures such as water and oil adhesion, drops and repeated drops, and terminal wear for usability in any working environment—from the harsh conditions of manufacturing sites to logistics sites where repeated impacts are common. The AI-enhanced multi-core decoder also offers drastically improved reading performance for difficult-to-read DPM codes in addition to greater flexibility with codes read at a distance or at an angle. With reliable reading of even the most challenging codes, faster operations even with time-consuming tasks, and a significantly longer service life, the HR-X Series improves on-site efficiency and reduces costs at the same time.


  • PCB code reading after flux application

  • Crankshaft DPM reading

  • Hands-free reading for shipping inspection

  • Fixed-mount reader backup applications


Instantaneous, Reliable Reading of Challenging DPM Codes

Advanced reading performance is made possible with the direct, polarised, and diffused lighting developed for SR-X Series fixed code readers.
The AI-enhanced decoder also drastically improves reading performance with challenging DPM codes. This provides instantaneous and reliable reading even with damaged codes, highly reflective targets, and incredibly small codes. Reading flexibility is also improved for long-distance reading and reading at an angle, significantly reducing the need to retry codes from a different angle or distance to ensure accurate traceability for greater productivity.


Rough Backgrounds

Defective Codes

Ultra-Low Contrast

Dirty Code

Uneven Module Colour


Dot Marking

Faster Reading Performance for Codes from Near and Far Improves Efficiency

The dual-camera structure results in high-speed reading over a large depth of field for codes both near and far away. With no need to adjust the reading distance, users need only point the easy-to-align aimer at the target code, which helps eliminate extended hours spent on reading. This also makes it possible to reduce the time spent on manual operations requiring reading of numerous codes, in turn helping to improve on-site efficiency.

Industrial-Grade Durability

The durable design eliminates the most common causes of failures, such as water and oil adhesion and damage from drops, for usability in any working environment—from the harsh conditions of manufacturing sites to logistics sites where repeated impacts are common. In addition to eliminating the need for maintenance and replacement due to damage, the rugged design also helps ensure high-performance reading over a longer usage period.

  • High oil resistance thanks to an IP65/67G and ISO 16750-1–compliant enclosure
  • Drop resistance: 2.5 m / Repeated drop resistance: 20,000 drops (30 cm)*

* These are test values and are not guaranteed

No terminal wear

Wireless Charging Eliminates Terminal Wear

Wireless charging support means there’s no need to worry about terminal wear, helping to ensure a long, reliable service life. This also eliminates the need for terminal maintenance and cleaning while ensuring safe, reliable charging even in dirty and oily environments.

Three Models to Choose from According to the Application

Choose from three different handheld code reader models according to the reading target, reading distance, and intended application. Each model boasts a rugged IP65/67G design. Both the DPM and High Performance models include a built-in display that makes checking reading results and changing settings incredibly easy.

DPM Model

HR-X500 / HR-X500WB

Instantaneous reading of challenging DPM and miniscule codes.

High Performance Model

HR-X300 / HR-X300WB

High-speed reading & large depth of field for stable reading of simple DPM.

Standard Model

HR-X100 / HR-X100WB

Lightweight and durable with impressive performance even for challenging codes.