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          Panel-mounted PLC with Built-in Display Functions

          KV-P series

          Panel-mounting, Built-in-Display PLC

          Improved PLC Performance and Display Panel Functions

          Easy-to-use and Easy-to-see Model Ideal for On-site Use

          Easy-to-use and Easy-to-see Model Ideal for On-site Use

          Unlike conventional operation boxes, the KV-P Series does not require any switches or lamps to be laid out or modified. Furthermore, the KV-P Series does not require any wiring, thus greatly reducing the number of installation steps. Moreover, the KV-P Series caters to a wide variety of requirements, such as an alarm display, equipment conditions, and operational instructions, thus offering ease of use and conspicuousness much more than you imagine.

          Double Display Panels

          Double Display Panels

          The Built-in-Display PLC has a double panel with dual display constructions. Each part can be used to display items independently; one for data on the outturn quantity and processing time, one for an alarm and work instruction messages.

          Inproved Useability

          Three colour display

          Data Access Panel

          The data access panel allows access to the built-in devices of the PLC. Therefore, for example, conventional timers and counters can be replaced with the built-in counters and timers of the PLC.
          * The data access panel can be used as a message panel as well.

          Reversible Three-colour Display

          Green, red, and orange can be displayed in combination with the complementary colours (reversal colours of them), which allows versatile display expressions for normal and error conditions.

          Message Panel

          The message panel makes it possible to display messages freely. For example, work instruction, equipment condition, and alarm messages can be displayed with ease. Furthermore, a number of message selections are possible for each page by using the F1 to F5 keys.
          * The message panel can be used as a data access panel as well. A maximum of 128 pages can be set in each panel.

          Scroll Function

          Scroll Function

          The double display panels have a scroll function. If the number of characters set in either one of the display panels is excessive, the message can be scrolled, which makes it possible to give easy-to-understand work instruction and equipment condition messages to the workers.

          Fastest Model in this Class with a Minimum Scan Time of 140 µs and a Minimum Instruction Execution Time of 0.7 s

          High-speed Performance

          The KV-P Series inherits the performance of the KV Series with an established reputation for its high-speed performance, thus supporting high-speed control requirements.

          Scan Time

          A Full Set of Convenient Special Functions

          Reduce cost, Increase Productivity

          The KV-P Series incorporates a full set of convenient special functions leading to a reduction in cost.

          Special Functions

          Easy-to-Display "Panel Editor"New Functions of KV Builder Ver. 4.0

          Easy-to-Display "Panel Editor"New Functions of KV Builder Ver. 4.0

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