Blue Laser Optical System

Advanced technology that has achieved ultra-high-speed and high-stability

Forms images of profiles with ultra-stability and high-accuracy

The LJ-V7000 Series is the first 2D laser displacement sensor in the world to adopt a blue laser. A sharp line beam is formed on the light-receiving element by focussing a short wavelength 405 nm laser to its maximum limit with a 2D Ernostar lens. This generates a stabilised high-precision profile. Also, the received light density for the laser has been increased to successfully secure a greater level of received light intensity. This achieves ultra-stable and highly accurate measurement with all types of targets that are typically difficult to detect.

Red laser (conventional)/Blue laser (LJ-V)

Measurement principle

The laser light is projected in a horizontal line by the cylindrical lens and diffusely reflects on the target object. This reflected light is formed on the HSE3-CMOS and by detecting changes in position and shape, displacement and shapes are measured.

Measurement principle

[1] Cylindrical lens
[2] Semiconductor Lasers
[3] GP64-Processor
[4] 2D Ernostar lens

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