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VH lens series

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This model has been discontinued.
Compliance with the certification standard is ensured as of the time of shipment from our company.

Recommended Replaceable Products: Standard zoom lens (20 x to 200 x) - VH-Z20T

Zoom Lens (25-175X) VH-Z25






12.2 mm (25×)
6.1 mm (50×)
3.05 mm (100×)
1.74 mm (175×)


9.1 mm (25×)
4.55 mm (50×)
2.28 mm (100×)
1.3 mm (175×)


15.24 mm (25×)
7.62 mm (50×)
3.81 mm (100×)
2.18 mm (175×)


13 mm (25×)
3 mm (50×)
0.7 mm (100×)
0.3 mm (175×)

Working distance

25.5 mm

Non-contact type observation distance


This product's magnification can be changed continuously from 25× to 175× without changing the lens. After using a low magnification to quickly find the location that you want to observe, you can then increase the magnification. This product is standard-equipped with 2 types of illumination heads : a contact type and a non-contact type. The non-contact type has an observation distance of 25.5 mm, which gives it excellent operational efficiency. A great number of illumination adapters can be attached to this product, which makes it possible for this product to adapt to a wide variety of observation uses.

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