Laser-based Elemental Analyzer

EA-300 series

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Laser-based Elemental Analyzer EA-300 series

New Observe and Instantly Identify Materials

  • One-click elemental analysis
  • No pre-processing or vacuum required
  • Automatically identify materials

EA-300 series - Laser-based Elemental Analyzer

Introducing an elemental analyzer head for use with VHX Series microscope. Simply place the target on the stage to analyse with no destructive sample preparation, deposition, or vacuum required. AI-based suggestions also make it possible for anyone to identify substances through elemental analysis.


Identify Substances Directly from Your Microscope

Place-and-Analyse Operation

One-click elemental analysis is possible.
Users can easily go from magnified observation to elemental analysis without needing to re-align or focus the laser objective lens.

No Pre-Processing or Vacuum Required

Nanosecond laser pulse / Plasma emission

Non-destructive, alteration-free analysis is possible on targets of any size.
No conductivity treatment or vacuuming is required for analysis.

Automatically Identify Materials

The detected elements are analysed.
The most likely material is instantly suggested.

An integrated AI function will recommend the most likely detected material.
The database can also be used to collect historical in-house analysis results for reference when similar foreign particles are detected.