Wiring saving unit GS-T01

GS-T01 - Wiring saving unit

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Response time (ms)

Lock / Unlock

Response time of GS-M/GS + 110 ms + 70 ms × (number of cascaded unit -1) *1


Response time of GS-M/GS *2


Response time of GS-M/GS + 60 ms + 30 ms × (number of cascaded unit -1)

AUX (Non-safety related output)


Transistor output × 8

Max. load current

20 mA

Residual voltage (during ON)

Max. 2.5 V (with a cable length of 2 m)

Lock control input

Approx. 2.5 mA×2

Protection circuit

Reverse current protection, short-circuit protection and surge protection

Power supply

Power voltage

24 V DC ±20 % (Ripple P-P 10% or less, Class2)

Power consumption

0.8 W

Environmental resistance

Operating ambient temperature

-20 to 55°C(No freezing)

Storage temperature

-25 to 70°C(No freezing)

Operating relative humidity

5% to 95%RH

Storage relative humidity

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 2.0 mm, 5 minutes in each of the X, Y, and Z directions (IEC 60947-5-3)

Shock resistance

30 G in X, Y, Z directions 6 times each axis (IEC 60947-5-3)


Case: PBT Cable:PVC


Approx. 290 g

*1 When using the GS-71PC, the response time from "Unlock" to "Lock" increases by 200 ms per unit.
*2 When using the GS-71PC, the response time is fixed at 20 ms + 2 ms x (number of cascaded units-1), and the "Sar" is fixed at 10.5 mm.

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