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          Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor

          LV-N series

          LV-NH42 Area Beam Reflective

          Small size and highly flexible installation

          Detecting irregular shaped targets is not a problem with the LV-NH42 laser sensor head

          LV-NH42 Long Distance, Wide-area Detection Laser Sensor

          With this powerful, long distance, wide-area detection sensor, once difficult and expensive problems can now be solved easily and at lower cost. Even with a varying target shape the LV-NH42 enables stable detection in most applications.

          Area Spot for More Reliable Detection

          With conventional sensors, the detection area can be out of focus when the sensor is further away from the target, or if the detection area is limited when using a small spot. The LV-NH42 solves both of these problems. Even when the sensor is a long way from the target, the sensor produces a clear linear spot. This results in reliable detection even if there is variation in the position and shape of targets.

          Clear linear spot results in reliable long range detection even with irregular shaped targets

          Semiconductor laser sensor is a compact size

          The Ultra-compact Sensor Head can be Mounted Almost Anywhere

          The size of the LV Series sensor head is half the size of our conventional sensor heads even though it is a reflective type that uses a semiconductor laser.

          Detection stability level indicator included as a standard feature

          The Sensor Head is Equipped with a "Level Indicator" that Indicates the Detection Stability

          A "level indicator" is a standard feature on all KEYENCE laser sensors and indicates the detection stability. The operation status and detection stability can be easily checked without viewing the indicator on the amplifier.

          A Semiconductor Laser is used as the Light Source.

          By using a semiconductor laser as a light source it allows the LV series to form a sharp beam spot even at a long distance.

          Even when mounted away from the target, the LV series can accurately detect and differentiate that which would have been impossible with a sensor using a LED as a light source.


          KEYENCE LV Series

          KEYENCE LV Series

          Confirmation of the Presence of a Suspension System

          Using a wide beam spot ensures stable and reliable detection even when the target path slightly deviates.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          Detecting the Presence of a Steel Rod

          Conventional sensors could not detect a target if its surface is covered with oil. The area sensor ensures stable detection.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 series

          Detection of Filaments

          A filament is detected through a glass window. Although a thrubeam type sensor can be used, the setting is difficult. The bright beam spot of the reflective type laser sensor allows for easy set up.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 series

          Detecting Baskets

          The area detection ensures a sufficient amount of reflection even when the target has many gaps.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 series

          Detecting Glass Substrates

          The reflective type sensor ensures stable detection with its high-power laser beam. The detection of a large substrate is available.

          KEYENCE LV Series

          KEYENCE LV Series

          Differentiation between the upper and lower sides of a tube

          Conventional spot-detection type sensors cannot stably detect the target due to the print on the surface. The LV-NH42's area detection is not affected by the print.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          Detecting the Seam in a Rubber Tube

          The area detection is stable even when the target vibrates slightly.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          Detecting the Presence of Dough

          Using a wide beam ensures a stable amount of received light quantity even when the shape of the target varies.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          Detecting the Presence of Targets in a Paper Tube

          With its wide beam spot, the LV-NH42 allows for stable detection even when the shape of the package varies.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          Differentiation of the Orientation of an Envelope

          Since the LV-NH42 uses a wide beam, detection is stable even when the position of character print varies.

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          KEYENCE LV-NH42 Series

          Detecting the Remaining Amount of a Rolled Product

          The long detecting distance allows the sensor to be mounted at various distances away from the target. The bright beam spot is easily recognized, ensuring easy adjustment.





          Long-distance area

          FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10

          Class 1 Laser Product

          IEC 60825-1

          Light source

          Visible red semiconductor laser, Wavelength: 660 nm



          1200 mm


          1000 mm


          750 mm


          500 mm


          250 mm


          200 mm

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          -10 to +55 °C (No freezing)

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)



          Glass reinforced plastic

          Lens cover



          Approx. 65 g


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