Ultra High Speed Sensing Ionizer Hybrid Type

SJ-E series

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Bar Type Main Unit, High End Model 3000 mm SJ-E300H

SJ-E300H - Bar Type Main Unit, High End Model 3000 mm

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CAD Data

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Ion generation method

Corona discharge method


Shockless resistive coupling type

Voltage application method/
applied voltage

Pulse AC method/±8000 V

Ion balance control method

Hi-Power I.C.C. method

Ion balance

±30 V *1

Operating distance

50 to 2000 mm

Control input

Static elimination stop input

NPN open collector or contact point signal without voltage

Control output

Ion level alarm

NPN open collector, Maximum 100 mA (40 VDC or less)

Condition alarm

Alarm output

Communication feature

Remote control communication

Major features

Condition alarm, ion level alarm, alarm output

Air connection port

Rc 1/8

Air supply pressure

0.1 MPa to 0.5 MPa *2 (recommended air pressure of 0.2 MPa)

Effective length

3060 mm *3

Total length

2960 mm

No. of electrodes



Power voltage

24 VDC to 36 VDC ±10%

Current consumption

700 mA (at 24 V), 500 mA (at 36 V)

Overvoltage category


Pollution degree


Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +40°C

Relative humidity

35 to 85% RH (no condensation)


Electrode probe





3000 g

*1 Measured under the following conditions.
Installation distance: 300 mm or more
Air supply pressure: 0.2 MPa
Frequency: The highest device driving frequency
Operating ambient temperature: 0 to +40°C
Operating ambient humidity: 35 to 65% RH
*2 Contact KEYENCE when using the air purge function with intermittent air supply.
*3 Effective length is for static elimination range when installation distance is 50 mm.

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