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          Lenses (for Machine Vision)

          CA-L series

          • High-resolution, Telecentric Macro Lens

          High-resolution, Telecentric Macro Lens

          CA-LMH Series

          Long WD and high resolution

          A type with a WD of 110 mm, which makes it easy to install inside devices, has been added to the lineup. This lens has both support for 2/3" images and a compact and lightweight design. Models with support for coaxial lighting are also available in all types.

          Installation in narrow spaces made possible by the right-angle mirror

          The right-angle mirror (OP-87895) makes it possible to bend the optical axis by 90 degrees. This enables installations in narrow spaces. The right-angle mirror can also be used with lenses other than the CA-LMH Series.*

          * Check in advance whether problems such as vignetting occur.

          Distortion free

          All models have a TV distortion of 0.01% or lower. These lenses enable a wide range of highly precise measurements from dimension measurement to alignment.

          Right-angle mirror OP-87895

          Screen printing alignment

          Cameras can be installed in narrow spaces.

          • High-resolution, Telecentric Macro Lens

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